Top 3 News Stories of the Week

     Hello everyone, today I will be going over some of the interesting nerdy news stories from the week.  These stories come from IGN and Nerdist so all my props go to them.  Since this is more of a news than a list post this will be going under the news category.  Without further ado let’s get started.

      3. Batman V Superman News

          In the beginning of the week we got a look at Superman in the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie directed by Zack Snyder.  The picture shows a grim-looking Superman standing on what I assume to be a rooftop in Gotham.  Towards the end of the week we got news about a few of the villains to be showcased in the film.  This means that, not only will we see a Batman and Superman brawl, but also a few baddies for the duo to knock around as well.

Link to Nerdist video.

      2. Cliff Bleszinski is Back!

           After retiring from the gaming industry a few years back, Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War and the Unreal franchise, has donned the cape and cowl once more and founded a new development studio called Boss Key Games.  Being done along side the co-founder of Guerilla Games, this new studio is said to be focused more on online games.  According to IGN it is said that the company will be announcing their new project on July 8th, but that date may change.

Link to IGN article.

    1. Nintendo patents 3D Design on a 2D surface

          Topping off the list is the news from IGN that during the week Nintendo placed a patent on a device that would project things viewed on a 2D screen in 3D.  The device follows the movements of the player, then projects them in a way that what is on the screen comes out in 3D to the person the device is synced to.  Nintendo said that the design could go so far as to have the payer dodging incoming projectiles or having the game react to head and body movements.  I feel that this is another way that Nintendo is reaching above and beyond the competition in terms of innovation and player experience.  

More information in the article below. 

     That wraps up this week’s news report.  Remember that you can find much and more information on these topics by going to IGN or Nerdist for their professional opinion.  If you think there was a better news story out there this week let me know in the comment section.  Thanks and have a good one.


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